The Battle of the Brave


This year’s Windermere Cup will see the third meeting between Seattle’s Finest…SFD vs. SPD
All the spectators will have a stake in the winnings!
Sponsored by Penrith Home Loans, please join us on the shores of the Montlake Cut in Seattle, WA on Saturday, May 5th for the Battle of the Brave and root for red or blue. 


Red vs. Blue – Battle of the Brave (sponsored by Penrith Home Loans)

Come watch as the Seattle Fire Department (RED) competes against the Seattle Police Department (BLUE) in a 1000 meter race through the Cut. Red and blue wrist bands and flags will be distributed on the shore.

Choose your color to show your support for your favorite civil servants. If your color wins, you can win a water bottle courtesy of Penrith Home Loans. Just be among the first 1000 people to show your winning band at the Penrith Home Loans tent located near the food vendors.